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My fun with LYFT thus far Review... August 25th 2020

I ended up using  LYFT  for quite a few years. Simply because back in 2014 there competitor only accepted direct payment and no cash. Turned out to be a wonderful experience. That was tax deductible as long I kept my receipts (praise email). Real simple process requiring your rider to meet at the requested location. To than be delivered to another location. At the time they allowed a roundup for a tip. Like coach/sofa pocket change. This was during 2017 to early 2019. Overall I give  LYFT  a 9/10!

My fun with Google Fi thus far Review... August 13th 2020

After changing carriers many times for a more lucrative data plan (at least three times in a few years). Google Fi would be the place for me (for now). They offer two plans total. Both plans offer "bring your own...". The limited data basically becomes the unlimited data plan. Yet could cost you over $10+ more than. When you purchase a phone from them with either plan. This is were the fun begins. You get three different carriers that auto adjust, a hotspot and VPN. So if variety of technology is your taboo! I give Google Fi a 9/10 after 45 days daily use!

My fun with Shopkick App thus far Review... August 11th 2020

Very simple online and offline shopping app is Shopkick ! Offerings points known as kicks! For scanning products. Turning in receipts with certain products. Finally for walk-ins. A very useful feature that makes for a unique feature. Compared of course to other shopping apps. They also give you points for certain monthly selected online products. All points collected of course can be redeemed for gift card! Try now and start referring! I give Shopkick a 8.5/10!

My fun with Fetch Rewards thus far Review... August 6th 2020

I found Fetch Rewards  to be quite straight forward. Pertaining to grocery receipt app. Very crisp and clean user interface. Uses very little if any memory. Always has a monthly list of special products. For additional points if course. They also have a referral system for social, email and text for more points towards a gift card. So I give Fetch Rewards  a 10/10!

My fun with DoorDash thus far Review... 5th August 2020

One of the few, yet good food delivery services is DoorDash . There user interface is quite good. They also have a referral system. This system pays both the client and the host. Keep in mind this review is from client not driver. I hear there driver system pays well enough (especially if unemployed). The service I get from a place a few miles out is about 30 minutes and I live in south Oklahoma city area. So if your hungry and lazy. They are definitely worth the use. I must give DoorDash a 9/10 for half functionality alone.

My fun with PanelApp thus far Review... 4th August 2020

I have found PanelApp  to be a very nice locator/idle app. That awards you points for daily use as well as short surveys. Concerning were you have been and product use. Referrals are definitely a must. Uses very little space for those other conservatives. Isn't a very aggressive UI. As for the points you get. They can be used get as high as a 25$ shopping gift card. From your favorite popular store. I give PanelApp  8.5/10 for ease understanding. Yet for not being loner friendly.