My fun with SwagBucks thus far Review... July 26th 2020

This survey site is quite unique. For they give you discounts on regular online shopping. From time to time you can also receive benefit from playing smartphone games. This "benefit" is known as SwagBucks. Which can be redeemed for a number of payment forms. The only downside (other then the site is a little on the laggy side), is sometimes the surveys don't credit. This seldom happens, as even the subreddit mentions. 

I could give many a suggestion to utilize when using a website like this. For instance you may have to disable ad blockers and use another email service. Though they offer various VPN services through third parties.You can not use a VPN with there site or app's.You may also consider a prepaid card for other features. Like donating to a charity for a bonus.

So I would give SwagBucks a 9.25/10. After a good 3 years of use.


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